Saturday, October 24, 2009

What About Homemade Water Purifiers?

Why are you asking this question; "What About Homemade Water Purifiers?" Well, I'm sure it is because you are worried about the tap water as most of us these days.

Now there are many questions around water purifiers and which one you should use. So, it is natural that as part of this research you will be wondering about homemade water purifiers.

It is a sad, but true thing that there are many unscrupulous operators out there. They will sell you bottled water that is unsafe and contaminated, so, bottled water is not really and option.

The first problem is that it is heavy on the budget and the second problem is that you do not really know if it is safe. True enough, most bottled water is excellent, but how do you know which ones?

This is where water purifiers come in. once again you are looking at the unscrupulous entrepreneurs that will sell you water purifiers that are really not good enough. Now, if you look at homemade water purifiers, you have the advantage that you know what is in it, you can make very sure you construct it in such a way that the end result is pur and safe water.

So, looking at homemade water purifiers is not such a bad idea at all.

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  1. No doubt we need a quality water purifier for drinking needs, some water purifiers has reverse osmosis membrane filter which has pore size as small as to 0.0001 micron, so it can filter out the most contaminants, i recommend Coway water purifier.