Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Girl Shower Ideas - Anything Goes

When you are thinking about Baby Girl Shower Ideas it is a good idea not to get stuck with the usual baby girl shower ideas. Any theme can be adjusted to become “girly.” Add a few ribbons and bows and even a fire truck theme will do!

A very good place to start thinking about baby girl shower ideas is what the mommy-to-be’s interests are. Is there something she loves doing or is there something she is very interested in? Using that as a basis can lead to baby girl shower ideas that are very personal and special to the now mom.

Another think you have to keep in mind is the new mom’s personality. If she is the serious kind a humorous theme may not suit her. If she is a party girl, she is till a party girl, though a little BIG at the moment. Make sure the baby girl shower ideas will not make the mommy-to-be uncomfortable.

OK, so now you have your theme. Move on to the menu now. Try and think of food that really falls in with the theme. For instance if you are having a “princess” theme why not serve the typical English “high tea” with cucumber sandwiches, petit fours, cakes and more?

For your baby girl shower ideas, coming up with decorating ideas will also be easy once you have your theme. Once again, for your “princess” party all your decorations will be “palatial” Lots of drapes and beautiful things. Remember, you do not have to buy it all, beg, borrow or steal it from all your friends!

I think you can see now that thinking about baby girl shower ideas is a process of elimination and then you take it from there.

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