Friday, October 23, 2009

Homemade Carbon Water Filter - Why Carbon?

When thinking about a homemade water filter, it is a very good idea to have a look at a homemade carbon water filter. Such a filter is made with activated carbon and it is a very good option for a homemade water filter.

You may now well wonder why I say that. Well because carbon does not only remove the impurities and bacteria from your drinking water, it also filters out most of the chlorine that is in municipal tap water. This, of course makes sure that the water tastes fresh and clean.

A homemade carbon water filter is also preferable to bottled water. The control over bottled water is not as good as it should be and numerous studies have showed that lots of bottled water is contaminated. There have even been incidents of unscrupulous people bottling tap water and selling it as spring water, so you never know. Make you own Homemade Carbon Water Filter and you know you are protecting your family!

Making a homemade carbon water filter is not too difficult and because you make it yourself, you know it is working well and that you are giving your family the best possible protection.

For more on homemade water filters you can also have a look at apart from a homemade carbon water filter :

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