Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cuisinart Dlc5bc Food Processor - What Do Others Say?

You may be wondering shy I'm interested in the Cuisinart Dlc5bc Food Processor. Well, I love food processors. They make the job in the kitchen so much easier. I hate all that chop, chop, chop!

What is very important to me is, it has to be functional, it must be easy to clean and it must look good in the kitchen. I know that is a bit of a tall order, but that is what I insist on in one.

OK, so far as looking good goes, the chrome finish makes it look very nice. I have to admit here though it is not really chrome, it is plastic with chrome paint. I would not worry about it if I were you because I have an old blender that is about 20 years old, also plastic with a chrome finish and it still looks perfect. So, you do not have to worry that your machine is going to look shabby in a short while.

On this machine the slicing disk and the shredding disk is made of stainless steel, this means that you are assured they are going to last a long time. I have to tell I have just cut myself on the blade of an old machine I've had for many years! Those stainless steel blades, or in this case disks, remain sharp and functional for a very long time. This is good because you do not want to buy a new machine every few months!

Because the machine cleans up so easily, all the tasks go faster, even taking the cleaning up time in mind. To me that is also very important, you do not want a tool in the kitchen that works perfectly, but the cleaning up afterward is simply too much and you end up not using it. I think we all have some of those in our kitchens.

Now you know what I think about it, let's see what others think of the machine.

Let's have a look at what some say about the Cuisinart Dlc5bc:

Bob Yesbek says he loves it because it is a good solid basic machine that does everything he wants it to do and no more. It does not have all the fancy features and more that makes the other, bigger machines more difficult to use.

According to Bob Yesbek it is the ideal machine for the busy cook.

Well, that sounds like my kind of machine, don't you think?

Molly Amai is also very happy with her machine. She says it handles everything she throws its way with ease. For her it is important because of a smaller machine she had that burned out the first day when she tried to process nuts and dates. According to Molly Amai the Cuisinart Dlc5bc takes it all in its pace!

A. Updike likes the machine because it works well, it is easy to clean and it runs relatively quiet for a food processor. What did I say about easy to clean? So A Updike is looking for the same in this machine than I do.

Well, I think, if we keep my original list of characteristic that I'm looking for in a food processor the Cuisinart Dlc5bc Food Processor fits the bill, don't you think? Maybe it is well worth looking at.

Of course the Cuisinart Dlc5bc Food Processor food processor is not the only food processor Cuisinart makes. Have a look at the page on My Kitchen Online for more.

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