Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do You Need How To Improve Ballet Ideas? Here’s 3 Good Tips

Are you wondering about how to improve ballet and do you need a few ideas? Depending on where your problem lies, there is definitely an answer to that question. Of course it is also important to know where you are in your ballet training career. Your age and your grade are all important factors to consider, yet here are 3 tips that apply to all situations.

1. Go back to the very basics:

What ever it is you are having a problem with, try and analyze it and find out what the basis for the problem is. As there is seldom time for such an in-depth analysis in class it is a good idea to get outside help. There are many good videos and books that can point you into the right direction from where to look for the possible reasons for your problem.

2. Go back to where you first learned that specific step or technique:

Once you know what it is that you are doing wrong, the reason for your problem, you can go back to the very beginning where you learned that specific step or technique the very first time. Now you have to practice this from the very beginning working up to the standard that you are supposed to be at.

What this in fact means is re-learning it the right way. Here you have to really concentrate and make sure you get it right this time. Once again, there is of course not time for this in class and you will have to do it at home with the help of videos and a good book.

3. Concentrate on your posture and your turnout:

Everything in ballet is based on your turnout, as you know very well. But not everyone is equally aware of how important a good posture is. You will never be able to correct any problem you have without a good turnout and without a good posture. Everything depends on it. It is the very basis from where you have to work.

There you have it, the 3 tips on how to improve ballet.

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