Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Health Benefits Of Pressure Cooking - Are There Any?

I think this is something not everyone thinks about, the Health Benefits Of Pressure Cooking. We are not used to thinking about a pressure cooker in terms of health. Most of us are so used to people cooking food to a pulp in the pressure cooker that we do not realize that with proper cooking times pressure cooker cooking is actually very healthy.

Reasons for the health benefits of pressure cooking:

  • Because food is cooked for a short period, more nutrients are saved
  • Because the steam is contained and the water does not escape, all the nutrients in the food are preserved
  • Because pressure cooker cooking times are so short, you can cook from scratch with healthy fresh ingredients
So, this is something to think about, apart from all the other benefits of pressure cooking, there are also substantial health benefits of pressure cooking. Combine this with the convenience, the saving of time and energy and you realize that a pressure cooker is an essential kitchen tool any busy mom needs to have.

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