Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Can I Improve My Ballet?

So many ask this question: "How Can I Improve My Ballet?" With ballet classes getting bigger, the ballet teacher does simply not have enough time to give each ballet dancer the individual attention she needs. Another reason why you may be wondering how can I improve my ballet is because you only started ballet late in your life and you need to "catch" up.

Well, it does not really matter, what is important is that there is help available our there. With the help of a good e-book with good photos, as well as good videos you will be able to do it.

Practicing at home can be dangerous if you are not careful. It is so easy to practice in "bad" technique. On the other hand, there is not way your ballet is going to improve if you do not practice hard, on lesson a week is simply not going to do it if you are really serious to improve your ballet.

OK, so now this sound like a Catch 22 situation. Fortunately that is not the case. With the right help you can practice every day. Simply by concentrating on your technique and by being aware of the possible mistakes you can make, you will be able to see a big improvement in your ballet soon.

Have A Look At This Cool Way To Improve Your Ballet:

The Ballet Bible

The best resource that I'm aware of is The Ballet Bible. This is an e-book with lots of photos and more. What is important is that it does not only have photos of the correct technique and posture, it also has photos of the incorrect posture and techniques. This is good because it makes you aware of the mistakes you can make, so now you can concentrate on not making them.

The Ballet Bible also has videos for you to have a look at to help you. There is a video of a complete ballet lesson making it possible for you to practice whenever you have the time.

Now I know lots of people are against practicing at home. I do not agree, if you careful you can really have good results. I used to practice at home, especially my barre work as that is where it all starts, and I did it with great success. The reason was because I make sure I do not practice in "bad" technique.

So if you are wondering about how to improve my ballet, have a look at The Ballet Bible, it will give you all the help you need.

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