Sunday, November 8, 2009

Homemade Charcoal Water Filter

Goodness me, our drinking water is getting worse by the day! You simply cannot trust the tap water anymore. To be honest, you just do not know what is in it and what it is doing to you! This is why I think a homemade charcoal water filter is a good idea.

Some people say we should simply use bottled water and not worry about the tap water. I do not agree. There are quite a few reasons why I do not agree, but going "green" is one of the reasons.

Bottled water is sold in plastic bottles that are really becoming a problem. Not only is it a problem of pollution, it is not bio down gradable, but it uses a lot of natural resources bringing with them a whole different set of problems.

You can say instead of a homemade charcoal water filter you can use glass bottles. It is true that is a better option than the plastic bottles, but not everyone recycles so our natural resources are still in danger.

What to do then? Well, I think a homemade charcoal water filter is a good idea. You can use bottles that you can wash to store the water in. If you use eco friendly washing aids, you will not be polluting the environment with harmful detergents and more.

A homemade charcoal water filter is easy to make, get a manual and follow the steps and in no time you will have safe, clean water in the house.

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