Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Ideas On How To Make A Patchwork Pillow

There is no need to use patchwork only to make quilts with. There are many other items that can very successfully be made with patchwork. So if you are wondering about how to make a patchwork pillow and you are looking for a few ideas. Read on.

Obviously the starting point will be the fabric you are going to use. If you are new to patchwork it is best to keep it to two colors and use materials with almost the same weight and texture to make it easier.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is best to start with the traditional nine-patch pattern. This way you can get the feel for patchwork first before you start a more elaborate pattern.

It is of course possible to use a complete mixture of colors if you only want to use scrap pieces of fabric to practice the techniques without going to the expense of buying the fabric. I have seen many pillows as well as quilts made in this way that are quite charming!

For the back of you patchwork pillow you can use any coordinating fabric. Once again, I have seen pillows made with patchwork on both sides. This really depends on what your idea is at the stage you are making it. If you are only practicing and do not intend using it specifically for some decorations you can really make your patchwork pillow any way you like.

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