Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fimo Clay Ideas

Fimo clay is non-toxic and an ideal medium for beginners and professionals alike. Fimo clay ideas can include very elementary projects to full-scale, sellable crafts.

To start off with it is a good idea to get the kids started with easy Fimo clay ideas such as making leaf prints, magnets and more. It is also not necessary that the ideas has to be so "formal" let the kids loose with the Fimo clay and see what happens!

My little granddaughter jumped right in and started making tiny little plates, and mugs with the Fimo clay! Nothing elementary for her! True all were not an astounding success, but she had fun and all those little motor skills got some practice.

With the holiday season on us, there are a lot of small items with Fimo clay items you can make to use as stocking fillers, as party favors and more. Go and have a look at the site Fimo Clay Ideas for more.

You can also read more about Creating With Fimo on the page: Creating With Fimo Clay 

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