Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have A Look At The Encyclopedia Of Quilting And Patchwork

I have just made a blog post about an easy quilters book, but if you are more advanced, you will probably rather have something like the Encyclopedia Of Quilting And Patchwork.

That being said, a beginner will also really benefit from this book. There are enough detailed instructions, drawings and photos to help the beginner. There are also projects in this book that are suitable for different levels and therefore the beginner will find easy projects to start with in this book.

For the more advanced quilter the book contain sections on different kinds of techniques. It has the traditional patchwork and quilting techniques as well as some of the other techniques such as mosaic patchwork, block patchwork and appliqué.

It is a good visual guide and any quilter will find a host of information in it to help. It is a great resource to research the different techniques and can also be a good refresher guide for the accomplished quilter.

If you love quilting, no matter your competency level, you will love the The Encyclopedia Of Quilting And Patchwork as it is a beautiful visual guide with lots of very valuable information for the quilter. It is quick and easy to get the information you need and it really makes the ideal gift for a loved one that is a quilter.

Go and have a look at The Encyclopedia Of Quilting And Patchwork.

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