Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy Beginner Quilt Instructions - Quilting 101

If you are looking for easy Beginner Quilt Instructions, Quilting 101 fits the bill. With this book you will get all the basics about quilting.

The book starts with the sewing and it does not assume that the reader has any sewing experience. It walks you through the whole process step by step.

So, this is a book for the complete beginner. It takes you through the process of knowing which vital quilters tools you need, choosing your fabric and batting as well as the steps of making your quilt.

What I really like about this book with beginner quilt instructions is that it has 16 complete projects that you can do. There are easy and small projects and the book walks you through it with detailed instructions and photos.

I even read in one of the reviews that someone bought it for a 13 year old girl with no sewing experience and she is finding it easy to do. It is very important with quilting to really master the basics with smaller projects before you move on. For that purpose Quilting 101 is ideal.

So, if you are looking for Easy Beginner Quilt Instructions, looking at Quilting 101 is a very good idea.

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