Thursday, November 19, 2009

Energy Generating Windmills - The Best Option?

Even though many of us are concerned about energy bills all year long, it seems more of our focus comes in the fall when we are staring down the prospect of a long winter full of high utility bills. 

We don't need to worry though,thanks in large part to advances in technology.  We can now use energy generating windmills to help us generate some of our own electricity, and save a bundle in the process.

It is true, when it comes to wind power, bigger is better.  The bigger the windmill  the more energy that can be produced.  Up until recently it just didn't make much sense to use a small, home sized wind turbine (windmill).

The cost of the turbine was high and the amount of energy you could generate was too low to make it a worthwhile investment.  But, happily, that isn't the case anymore.

Now we can produce as much as 60% of the energy our home needs with one turbine.  Buying a turbine still doesn't make financial sense for many,  but now you can easily build your own for less than $300.

Not only is it cheap to build a turbine, it's also easy.  Virtually anyone can make a turbine by following a well laid out manual.

The materials you need can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store.  The whole project shouldn't take more than a few hours, a day at most.

When you consider the savings you can achieve with your energy generating windmills, and couple that with the low start up cost of a home rooftop wind turbine, it just  makes sense for many of us.

So instead of wringing your hands all winter and worrying about how you'll pay your bills, just let wind  energy provide you with most of the energy you need...for free. Energy generating windmills will save you a lot of money.

Go to: Homemade Energy for all the details.

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