Thursday, April 8, 2010

How To Improve Ballet

Are you thinking about how to improve ballet? It very often happens that you feel you need more help than you can get in class. So, what to do? How to improve ballet at home? Well, that is why I am looking at the Ballet Bible.

We all know that practicing at home can be dangerous. There is always the possibility that you can actually practice in bad technique and make things worse. So, you must have a means to exercise at home with safety.

What you need is a resource, such as the Ballet Bible, that has detailed instructions, photos and even videos that show you exactly what you have to do. You must also be aware of all the possible mistakes you can make so that you can prevent making them.

I find that especially students that started their ballet training at an older age sometimes go through the different grades to fast and end up with technical problem later on. This is when you have to be sure you are practicing in GOOD technique at home and not BAD technique!

Go and have a look at the Ballet Bible, you will see it has all the info you need to practice at home. You get a good manual, photos and videos to make sure you do it right.

Go To: Ballet Bible

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