Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is A Whole Wind Farm Necessary For You To Make Wind Power Work?

Lots of people do not have the right idea about wind power. It seems that people believe they will need several huge turbines in their backyard in order to benefit from this clean renewable source of energy.

Actually that's just one of several common misconceptions about using the wind to generate electricity.

Don't let a lack of information stop you from becoming more eco-friendly and saving a lot of money in the process.Get will informed with the book Wind Power Renewable Energy For Home Farm And Business And see how you can easily make wind power work for you with a wind turbine such as Sunforce 44447 900w Whisper Wind Turbine or even a homemade DIY one such as a small Home Rooftop Wind Turbine!

Here are some things you may, or may not, have known about using wind energy for your own private household use:

1. In most parts of the country wind energy is a better option than solar energy. That's because wind is readily available more often than the sun and wind can also happen at night.

2. One turbine will generate about 5 times more energy than one solar panel.

3. One turbine won't generate all the electricity the average household needs daily, but it can generate up to half.

4. Wind turbines come in many sizes and shapes. You don't need to have some ugly contraption in your backyard to benefit from wind energy.

5. You can build your own turbine for less than $300, yet you can still see savings of up to 80% on your utility bills.

6. For most people the cost of buying a turbine would be too high. It would also take much longer to recoup your investment if you bought a turbine rather than built one.

7. You don't need a lot of land to have a turbine. Some are small enough to fit on your roof.

Using wind power to save the planet while saving yourself some money is a great idea. Now more than ever it's viable for the average homeowner. You can do it, start today.

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