Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Air Pollution Science Fair Project - Lots Of Fun

Why is doing an Air Pollution Science Fair Project a good idea? Well, air pollution is a very real problem and what is more, air pollution is the reason for acid rain. In the long run acid rain will kill all life. No plants can grow in soil that has been polluted by acid rain to a very great extend. Even if the plants can still grow, their growth is hampered.

Acid rain is not something to take up lightly. So, I though as a science fair project idea acid rain may a very good option. So, I will give you a simple example here and if you want to know more about a good science fair project you can have a look at 24 Hour Science Projects. In it you will find complete projects, but also all the info you need to do your own. With it in hand you should be able to do a good science fair project on my suggestion of an air pollution science fair project.

This air pollution science fair project is going to use water to measure the degree of air pollution through water. Using water samples from different sources you will be able to see if acid rain is a big problem in your area.

Here is what you will need:
  • Small jars to take your water samples in
  • Some pH paper that you can get from a pet store or aquarium
  • The color chart for the pH paper (you will get this from the pet store or aquarium as well)
  • Tweezers
This is how to do your air pollution science fair project:

  1. Make sure your jars are completely clean and dry. (This is important for accurate results)
  2. With the help of an adult collect water samples from different sources such as tap water, rain water, pool water, well water and dam water)
  3. Collect each sample in a clearly marked jar and taking a photo of the surroundings where you collect it is a good idea for your display
  4. Using the tweezers dip a strip of pH paper into each sample and compare the result to the color chart.
  5. Make meticulous notes of everything you do and take photos for your display
  6. From this you will be able to see the extend of acid rain in your area from the rain water sample and the other samples will show you what is going on in all the other sources.

If you do not have a lot of time, have a look at 24 Hour Science Projects where you will get complete projects you will be able to do in 24 hours or less.

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