Friday, December 18, 2009

Throw a Theme Party for New Year’s Eve

It’s that time again. One year gone and another fast approaches. If you are used to being the party host, mix things up this year with a New Year’s Eve theme party.

What is a theme?

A theme party is one that is based around a certain idea. It can be something related to the holiday or something totally different. It is all up to you.

Theme parties are fun because everyone gets to participate. All of your guests can wear a costume and come ready to have fun.

Theme Ideas

Well, there are a million ideas that would be appropriate for a party. Now, some stick with a traditional theme for New Year. How about the Roaring Twenties? Your guests can dress as Dapper Dan or a sultry flapper.

What about a 60s party? You’d be surrounded by flower power and long hair all evening but to each his own. The idea is to make the party one that your guests won’t want to miss.

Theme Decorating

When you choose your theme, you will want the guests to feel like they have walked into that time. If your theme is “disco boogie,” be sure that there is at least one disco ball hanging from your ceiling. You can forgo the lit dance floor if you don’t have room, but it would be a conversation piece!

The Kids

Don’t forget the younger set that is joining you for the party. They may not appreciate the 60s or the disco era, so give them the opportunity to have their own theme represented at the party. Your kids can come up with ideas for their generation. It doesn’t have to match the adults since they will be celebrating in a different space.


Everyone will be dressed in their best to try and become the belle and beau of the ball. Come up with contest categories: Best Dressed, Most Authentic, Funniest Costume, and etcetera. So everyone can participate, type out ballots with the contest categories and let the guests vote for their choices. And yes, they can vote for themselves. There is one stipulation: Kids vote for kids and adults for adults.

The prizes can also be themed. Choose something appropriate for each group like a lava lamp for a 60s or disco party and a pair of binoculars for a Dora and Diego kid’s party.

Who says that a New Year’s Eve party has to be just dresses and suits? A theme party adds a new dimension to the affair. Both kids and adults will want to get in on the fun that goes along with wearing costumes.

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