Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Crafting Ideas for New Year’s Eve

What makes New Year’s Eve special? Is it the food or the fun or both? For the fun, creating crafts to enjoy on that evening as the ball drops somewhere is one way that families can celebrate together.

Instead of buying a lot of party favors and noisemakers this year, let the family make their own. When you decide to make crafts, it’s best to get everything you need ahead of time to avoid last minute runs to the store. They close early on New Year’s Eve so others get a chance to celebrate in their way.

Party Hats

No celebration is quite complete without a gorgeous hat. It isn’t too hard to create one. Start with construction paper and fold it into a conical shape. Keep it closed with tape or staples. This is your basic hat design. From there, the rest is up to you. Decorate the hats with glitter, garland, colored foil, lettering and any number of other accents to make your hat stand out.

Face Painting

Here, you are the basic design that gets decorated. Using paints that are safe for the skin, let each family member make up someone else’s face. Make it festive for the night. Take pictures of everyone’s finely crafted face.


You probably have items around the house that can help you with this project. If you have any paper towel or toilet paper rolls they would make the perfect beginnings for noisemakers. Empty plastic eggs (if you can find them or have some left over from Easter) are the right size for noisemakers.

Stuff one end with a piece of tissue paper and cover it with tape. Fill your roll with rice, corn kernels or dried beans. Seal the other end the same way. You can decorate the outside with glitter, streamers, and stickers. The Easter eggs can be filled with rice or dried beans and covered with glittery paints.

Celebration Masks

If you plan on attending a theme party later that evening or you are just staying home, create a decorative mask for your New Year’s celebration. Take a piece of construction paper and have someone trace your face, eyes, nose and mouth. Cut away the excess paper. You are now ready to decorate. Use a Popsicle stick to hold your mask up to your face.

As the final countdown sounds, be ready to celebrate. Use your above crafts to help you get into the spirit of the evening.  

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