Friday, December 18, 2009

Hosting a Family-Oriented New Year’s Eve Party

It’s the last day of the year and everyone is looking for ways to celebrate. If you have kids, you probably hire a sitter so that you can attend a party. This year, help yourself and your friends with a family party where everyone can have fun. After all, ringing in the New Year with your entire family (kids included) can be just as, if not more, fun than without them.

The most important part of any party is the planning. You want this party to be family-oriented so that adults and kids can both have a good time. First of all, that may mean no alcohol except the celebratory glass of champagne at midnight. But, having fun doesn’t mean that alcoholic drinks have to be involved, not at your big bash anyway. For kids, try some sparkling cider or grape juice so they can join in the glass tinking at midnight as well.


These need to go out as early as possible. Even before Christmas, folks are talking about how they will celebrate the New Year. One of the best things about a family-oriented party is that no one has to find a babysitter or stay home when they can’t find one.

With that in mind, invite your close friends and their families. Remember that each invitation will have at the least two and at the outset four or five respondents. So, five invitations can equal 25 guests. Check to see if your home can hold that many or more.

Make sure that the invitation is from everyone in the family. Use wording like: The Philip Family would like to invite you to their New Year’s Eve Party 2010.

The Party Setup

With kids involved, you will want them to have their own space. That means at least two rooms for the party. Kids aren’t very picky but they like their space.

You can set them up in the garage, the den or the family room. Any activities that you have planned for them will take place here. Include sleeping bags and pillows in case someone crashes before the ball-dropping hour.

The centrally located space can be for the adults. You can set up for party games, socializing and the food area here.


These all depend on you and your guests. The kid area will make more of an impact with a great decorating design going on. For the adults, decorating with party favors gives you something to share with everyone when it’s time to go.

Partying with your kids isn’t so bad and you’ll prove that this year by hosting a family-oriented party of your own. Give the babysitters a night off for once. They want to party too.

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