Saturday, December 19, 2009

Easy Ways To Cut Energy Bills This Winter

WOW! The guys there at Copenhagen are really "warming up!" Winter is on us and what are we doing. How are we "warming up?" Are we using "green" energy and not only saving the planet, but our pockets as well?

The good news is that there are simple things you can do to cut energy bills, a Small Homemade Wind Generator is one of the ways. Just look around you in your local hardware store and you will be inundated with ideas of inexpensive ways to winterize your home so that the air you've paid to heat isn't escaping to the outside.

Here are a few places you can start that will help you make a dent in your utility bill, not just this winter but all year long:

1. Have your furnace inspected by a professional to make sure it's running at peak performance.  Also don't forget to change the filters monthly.

2. Add a programmable thermostat, that way your home can be nice and warm while you're home but the temperature can be lowered automatically when you're not there which will save money.

3. Add insulation to your attic.  You can also add an insulated blanket to your water heater.  There are foam insulating products made specifically for pipes and behind electrical outlets too.

4. If you can afford it, replace old, drafty windows and doors, you might even be eligible for a tax credit.  If you can't afford to replace your windows you can buy a window insulating kit to help prevent heat loss.

5. Use wind power and build your own small homemade wind generator.  Don't laugh, this is very easy, and cheap, to do.  Anyone can do it and it can save you 80% on your electric bills.

If you want to cut energy bills this winter just follow one, or all, of the steps listed above.  The savings can be significant and with the money you save maybe you can take a trip to someplace warm!

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