Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Ideas for Sharing New Year’s Resolutions

What is it that they say about resolutions? After a month or two, they seem to fade into the woodwork. This doesn’t have to be the case. Break that cycle with these family ideas.

A resolution is a goal you want to accomplish in your life. It has become a tradition to create these expectations for you before the stroke of twelve on December 31st. some resolutions are silly, just used as a party game, but they can turn out to be very helpful when approached in a different way.

1.      Create a time capsule. It works for school children why not your family? Purchase a box of some kind house your lists. Usually a time capsule has one date in the future when it will be opened. You can create more than one time capsule: one year from now, five years from now, ten years from now and so on. For kids who are too young to write, place a current picture of them in the capsules to see how they change over the years.

2.      Place your resolutions in a hat. During your family time on New Year’s Eve, give every family member a piece of paper. Write down one or two of the most important things you want to accomplish in the coming year. Don’t write your name on it but put it into a hat. Then, each member picks a piece of paper from the hat. Try and guess whose resolutions you have. During the year, you can help that person reach their goals.

3.      Lift your resolutions to the heavens. This requires helium balloons and some ribbon. On a slip of paper, each family member will write a single goal for the next year. You can write as many as you want on different slips of paper. After all are written, the family can gather in the back yard. Read your resolution and tie it to a balloon. At the same time, release all of the balloons.

4.      Write yourself a letter. In this letter, write about the goals for yourself for the year and why they are important to you. Seal them when you are done and address them to yourself. Place the letters in a safe place until December. Have mom add stamps and mail them from the post office. When you receive your letter, open it. How did you do?

5.      Get advice from those who know you. This is a take from a baby shower game. At your family New Year’s Eve gathering, give each person one sheet of paper for each family member. Have each person in turn say a resolution. The others will write their advice for that person on the designated paper. After everyone has voiced all of their resolutions, distribute the papers to the right person.

Use the New Year’s Eve tradition of making resolutions to give you a jumpstart on the coming year’s goals with these five ideas.   

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