Monday, December 7, 2009

Grace EZ3 Quilting Frame

The Grace EZ3 quilting frame will make your quilting very easy. It is very easy to use and it folds up every easy for storage behind a door on under a bed.

The fabric is held in place by the three 30 wheel ratchets so you do not need any tacks or pins. This makes it so much easier to use.

The Grace EZ3 Quilting Frame is made of high quality unfinished, dense Baltic birch plywood so you will have to treat it before you use it. It should not be a problem and you will be able to use your Grace EZ3 Quilting Frame within a day.

What is really good about the Grace EZ3 Quilting Frame is that it is sturdy, yet it is light weight and folds away very easy. The rails are constructed from anodized aluminum that also contributes to it's light weight!

If you really love your quilting, getting a Grace EZ3 Quilting Frame will make your craft a lot more pleasurable to you.

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