Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fat Loss Secret - We Are All Looking For That Secret

Are you looking for that all illusive Fat Loss Secret? Well, it is no secret at all!

The raw facts are that the "magic" pill has not been developed yet. All our dreams have not come true yet. The fat loss secret is still a well balanced diet and moderate exercise.

I once again stress the healthy, balanced diet. Do not fall for one of the many Fad Diet Plans doing the rounds will only let you gain even MORE WEIGHT in the long run. You may lose pounds while you are on it, but once you start eating normally again the weight will come right back. The reason is that these Fad Diet Plans are not the Fat Loss Secret you are looking for. With these diets you loose mainly water and some muscle, but very little fat.

The muscle you lose on these diets will slow down your metabolism and that couples with the slowing down of your metabolism because you ate too little will make it even harder to lose any fat and it will actually make you gain weight a lot easier!

Moderate exercise is a better way to tray and speed up the fat loss. The extra energy you use will help with burning some extra fat and building muscle will help speed up your metabolism to make the fat loss even more. When you start building muscle it may seem as if you are not losing weight, but you will be losing fat. This is because muscle weighs more than fat. You will be losing centimeters and in time the pounds will drop as well.

So, unfortunately, the Fat Loss Secret is a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

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