Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do Not Drink Tap Water - Make A Homemade Water Purifier

Today I am stressing a Homemade Water Purifier because I found out how important it really is to purify your water.

We went to a 90th birthday party this weekend on a farm close to the town of Jacobsdal in the Free State of South Africa. Because it is an 7 hour drive from where we stay we slept in a beautiful guest house in Jacobsdal.

This is where the problems started that showed me how important at least a homemade water purifier is. I was very careless and drank the tap water without purifying it! Can you imagine?

Well, I paid for that carelessness with "food" poisoning because of the contaminated water and I am still not as well as I should be. This simply goes to show you once again that you cannot take the risk of drinking tap water without at least filtering it with a simple homemade charcoal water filter.

Making your own water filter is not that difficult and it ensures complete safety as you know exactly what is in it. If you do not feel like making your own though, there are many good filters on the market and getting one that is portable may be a very good idea. Take it with you wherever you go and purify the tap water before you drink it!

Do not put yourself through the ordeal I put myself through this weekend by being careless! Make a homemade water purifier or buy one, just do not drink the tap water unpurified if you are not 100% sure of its safety!

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