Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

looking for unique baby shower ideas can be quite a tall order. If I think back to all the baby showers I have attended in my life, I do not think there are any more unique baby shower ideas left. I mean, what can you still do? Everything has been done before!

Here it is time to put our thinking caps on and try and give the old ideas a new twist. why not use a fall theme with pumpkins and all. But do not make it a Halloween theme, I do not believe in Halloween in any case, use pumpkin painting to paint a baby face on instead of a Halloween mask. For this time of year a fall theme can work very good.

If you are thinking of a fall theme,as one of the possible unique baby shower ideas, you can also go with a harvest theme and make all your decorations from the symbols of the harvest. What you use will obviously be dictated by where you live. Make it really personal with produce from your region.

If it falls in with the mommy-to-be's color scheme you can also ask the guests to bring gifts in autumn colors to fit in with your theme. If these colors are going to totally clash with the mother's color scheme for the nursery, you ask the guests to wrap the gifts in autumn colors or gift wrap with autumn motifs on it.

Even the good old diaper cake can be dollied up  to fit in with your harvest theme. Decorate it with fake autumn leaves and branches. It may not be a good idea to use real leaves, grass and branches as some may cling to the diapers and then they cannot be used for the baby, that will sort of defies the object of the diaper cake!

I think what I'm trying to say here is, completely unique baby shower ideas may be difficult to come up with, but you can always give the good old ones a new twist and it will be something new.

this is just a few ramblings about unique baby shower ideas, but I hope I have at least given you some idea of how you can go about thinking of unique baby shower ideas.

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