Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cuisinart 1200; Cusinart DCC-1200 12 cup-brew central coffee maker

This Cuisinart 1200 coffee maker, the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12 cup-brew central coffee maker is an amazing machine. It 24 hour programmable and has a brew pause function and brew-complete beep.

The Cusinart DCC-1200 12 cup-brew central coffee maker has a beautiful pebble textured black metal finish that does not show any finger marks. This is a big PLUS for a busy mom like me! No time to be shining the coffee maker all the time. I know it is not really important for the making of the coffee, but every little bit helps is what I say.

You only have to read through the reviews on Amazon to see that everyone who has one of these Cusinart DCC-1200 12 cup-brew central coffee makers love it! That is not to say anything about the BIG discount you will get for buying it through Amazon, you save $66.05, and in my view it is a substantial saving!

Have a look at what Pawel Fludzinski has to say:

Two weeks ago, I needed a new coffee maker. The Krups Aroma Control maker is in all the stores and catalogs, so I bought one in the local mall BEFORE reading the Amazon reviews. BIG MISTAKE. Lesson learned - read the reviews - many negative comments. I used it for 3 days, and readily understood the description (...) of "eye candy" (looks nice, but seems like cheap plastic) and weak coffee (what they describe as a feature - allowing the coffee to steep - is really a euphemism for a poorly designed system that is guaranteed to give you a weak cup of coffee). One redeeming feature - the carafe is very nice.

Within 2 days of having the Krups, i was on Amazon looking for a replacement coffee maker (a good cup of coffee is critical in the morning!). I went out on the risk curve and ordered the new Cuisinart - no reviews yet. The Cuisinart has a more classic brewing system (water goes through grinds via gravity), yields a delicious cup of HOT coffee, has a variable temperature hot place, and looks and feels solid. We happen to have stainless steel appliances (refrigerator, freezer, stove), and it matches beautifully. Best news - excellent coffee! I would highly recommend the Cuisinart.

So, Go to Amazon Now And Have A Look At The Cuisinart ADCC-1200 12-cup-brew central coffee maker.

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