Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy And Fun Ideas For Baby Showers Centerpieces

Sometimes when we try to think of easy and fun ideas for baby showers centerpieces, we forget that something simple can actually be very striking. There is no need for elaborate centerpieces, do something simple, add a few baby things and you’re done.

Another possibility is to use some of the food as part of the centerpiece. Why not bake cup cakes and decorate them with pacifier candy and place them on a tiered cake holder and you have a stunning centerpiece that can form part of the dessert.

Even an easy variation of a diaper cake with pacifiers and small baby items added to it can be very striking. There is no need to make the diaper cake very elaborate if you are going to decorate it further with baby items.

I have even seen a centerpiece made from all the different gifts stack in an interesting pattern. Of course, if you want to do that, you will have to ask the guests to let you have the gifts before the party actually starts.

When you are thinking of baby showers centerpieces, always try and think of something that can be done easily. The mommy-to-be is the guest of honor and most of the attention should be given to her needs. The centerpiece must not overshadow that.

So, think about a color or what ever kind of theme you plan and then consider some fun and easy ideas for baby showers centerpieces to add the final touch.

Here is a little but of fun, some inspiration for you!

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