Thursday, September 24, 2009

Improve Ballet Posture And Ways How To Improve Ballet Performance

When I think of this heading “Improve Ballet Posture And Ways How To Improve Ballet Performance” I long back for the good old days when I still danced and taught ballet. How I loved my ballet! Nothing else in life mattered at all. Everything, including school work played second fiddle to ballet.

Now I can very well remember how battled with these two aspects in the beginning as I started Ballet a little late in life and had a bad backlog when it came to technique. So how wonderful it would have been for me if I could get some extra help to improve ballet posture and if I knew more about ways to improve ballet performance.

Of course I managed in the end. I kept on taking as many classes as I could. I even danced with the classes of the kids in a lower grade than me. Today I know that that was my saving grace as that reinforced the basics that I did not have the time to pay attention to when I started.

Today I know that the only way to improve your ballet technique including the question of how to improve your ballet posture and ways how to improve ballet performance lay in the basics. If you have a specific problem, go back to where that specific step was introduced the very first time and start over making sure you practice the correct way.

These days, of course, you can even get dance videos to help you with these. There are also very good courses available that you can simply download on your computer. With these you almost have a ballet teaches 24/7!

One of these is The Ballet Bible. Go there now and have a look!

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