Friday, June 25, 2010

Preventing Yeast Infection - Taking A Step Ahead,

The prevention of yeast infection is not really as difficult as it may appear to be. Keeping to basic health routines and a few lifestyle changes should be enough to make you yeast free for the rest of your life. This is why it is vital to emphasize the advantage of knowing and applying the different ways of the prevention of yeast infections. It is better to be prepared now than suffer the consequences later.

Several experts on the subject have recommended a number of methods for the prevention of yeast infection.

1. Amongst the first measures you should take are the maintaining high standards of hygiene:

Yeast loves areas that are most. The more you tolerate having these areas, the more chance you’ll have an infection on your hands. So it would be a good idea to keep the vaginal area dry whenever possible. This includes after having a swim, rigorous exercise, or after you have taken a shower. Dry the area thoroughly. Take off wet clothing immediately. You never want to give the yeast an opportunity to grow.

2. The clothes you wear:

Speaking of clothes, a better chance for the prevention of yeast infection is wearing clothes that are made from light materials and provides enough ventilation. There’s a higher chance that the yeast grow excessively in the vaginal area due to wearing tight pants, jeans and other pieces of clothing.

It would be better to wear clothes made of cotton to allow the skin to breathe and to help with the prevention of yeast infection. Cotton panties would be a better choice than nylon and lycra since the latter two can trap air which is an ideal environment for yeast growth. Panty hose is also not recommended unless you wear cotton underwear underneath.

3. Maintain a healthy and clean body.

This is a basic necessity and should be observed whether you have or don’t have an infection. Washing your heads every time you go to the bathroom would be a good start. Also be aware that scented tissues, pads or tampons, feminine spray products, and even deodorants can cause irritation to the vagina and can in turn increase the growth of yeast in the area resulting to a full yeast infection. Definitely avoid using douches since it washes away the natural protective membrane of the vagina. This leaves the vagina more susceptible to, not only yeast, but other infections as well.

4. Measures associated with sex:

Moreover, petroleum-based lubricants should be avoided during sexual intercourse. Water-based lubricants are a better option since it does not trigger the overgrowth of yeast in the vagina area.

5. The food we eat:

Sugary foods might also trigger the growth of yeast. It would be a good idea then to watch your sugar intake if the prevention of yeast infection is important to you. According to studies, yeast tends to grow faster with a higher level of sugar in the blood and in the digestive system.

You might need to avoid sugary foods but plain yogurt is good for you. Yogurt contains microorganisms that help balance out the growth of yeast. It contains “friendly” bacteria so to speak. A cup a day of plain yogurt might help prevent the growth of yeast.

The prevention of yeast infection is definitely an important move against yeast infections. Adapting your lifestyle so that it is not ideal for the overgrowth of yeast, you will have no problems with the physical stress as well as emotional effects the infection brings. Simple, small actions can do wonders for the prevention of yeast infection.

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