Friday, June 4, 2010

Ideas For A Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor

Very often we think about the baby shower invitations too late. Now you have spent a lot of money on the baby shower and you are looking for the perfect inexpensive baby shower favor. Well, help is at hand. The price of the favor will depend on you and your ingenuity!

These baby shower party favors need not be expensive. They can be simple things that you can order in bulk, and then personalized for the celebration.

When you are looking at a inexpensive baby shower party favor, make sure that you also consider the theme of the baby shower. It is best if the inexpensive baby shower favor fall in with the baby shower theme.

If your theme has something to do about fairy tales, cartoon characters, animals or toys, your baby shower favors may be a miniature version of these toys.

If you haven't selected a theme or would like to have a baby shower favor that is not all that related to the theme, here are some ideas to help you:

* Chocolates and Cookies

If you have some baking skills, this is the recommended baby shower party favor. These do not cost much if you bake them yourself. Placing an order for these is also an option, however, that may take a considerable part of your budget.

You can have chocolates and cookies personalized by shaping them into baby item shapes. You can have rattle-, baby shoes-, book-, or teddy bear-shaped pastries.

You can wraps these in fancy papers of foils and tie these in blue or pink ribbons.

* Soaps

These are becoming popular baby shower party favors. You can choose fragrant soaps and wrap them in decorative papers, or place them in decorative gift boxes or bags.

You can also make homemade soaps and shape them into baby-related items. Or you can purchase regular soap bars and carve them into baby shapes. Just make sure the soaps are hard enough that these won't crack when you start carving them.

* Picture frames

These are one of the most popular baby shower party favors. If the baby shower party is done are the baby is delivered, you can also include your baby's picture in the frame. The picture frames can be in small sizes that can be purchased at low prices.

* Figurines

Instead of picture frames, figurines are also good options. You can choose figurines that represent your theme. Angel, teddy bear and baby figurines are also popular.

* Candles

Candles as baby shower party favors are usually colored blue or pink. You may also opt to have fragrant candles. Candles can be purchased in bulk or you can also make your own candles. This even allows you to personalize the color, size, shape and fragrance.

Some candles can also come in reusable glass candleholders that can serve as decorative items.

These are just some of the options for an inexpensive baby shower party favor. Surely, you can think of more option or personalize these to fit your chosen theme.

Nevertheless, whatever baby shower party favor you have chosen, make sure that you have included thank you note on the baby shower party favor. The thank you note should include the date, the name of the baby (or the parent's names), and a message of thanks.

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