Monday, September 13, 2010

Alex Toys Super Knot A Quilt

Quilting is fun, but for little hands you need something easier. This is where Alex Toys Super Knot A Quilt comes in, it is made without sewing and all the kid needs to do is make knots.

Developing the small motor skills of a child is very important. Doing crafts in one of the ways you can so it. Teach those little fingers to work properly and you will see the results in your kid's grades at school.

Alex Toys Super Knot A Quilt is not your only choice though, there are many more crafts if this is not something your kid will enjoy.

Any craft that involves cutting and pasting will really help. A good idea is to start with a kit such as the Alex Toys My First Mosaic, Alex Little Hands Art Series. This is not a "real" mosaic, but it involves peeling the sticker and pasting them on the right place in the "mosaic."

Of course there is also the option of drawing your own picture and using seeds and beans to paste on your "mosaic." If you want an idea of how to do it, you can really have a look at Mosaic Crafts For Beginners, it is the instructions of how to make a seed mosaic for Autumn. The timing is perfect!

So, whatever crafts your kid enjoy, it is important to do them for the development of those small motor skills.

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