Saturday, January 23, 2010

Examples Of Science Fair Projects - Alternative Bread Mold Project

In this example science fair project you are going to find out what are the ideal conditions for the growth of molds on bread and what can be done to prevent the growth of mold. Molds are fungi and with bacteria they grow on organic materials and causes (or helps with) decay.

This is one of our examples of science fair projects where adult supervision is needed as heat is going to be used and because of the potential danger of the mold growing.

What you need for your science project:

  • 4 Slices of bread
  • 3 Sealable plastic bags, big enough for your slices of bread to fit in it
  • A Pair of rubber gloves
  • Tags to mark your bags with
  • Pen
  • A knife
  • Antiseptic cream
  • A piece of kitchen towel
  • A small plate
  • A note book
  • Camera
How to do your project:

1. We are going to use three different conditions: completely dry bread, normal bread as it is and bread spread with antiseptic cream. Our problem is to find out the conditions that speeds up decay, in this case the mould growing on the bread.

crime scene science fair projects2. Formulate your hypothesis on what you think will happen 

3. For your control place a piece of kitchen towel on a plate, place a slice of bread on the plate and place it in a cool dry place. (Why on a piece of paper towel?)

4. Take one of your slices of bread and completely dry it out in the oven at a very low heat.

5. Let it cool down completely. (Later on you should be able to give reason why it has to cool down completely)

6. Place the cold piece of "toast" in one of the plastic bags and mark it with a tag.

7. Place another slice of bread in one of the bags just as it is and mark the bag.

8. Spread your last slice of bread with antiseptic cream on both sides and place it in the last plastic bag and mark it.

9. Now you have to leave them in a warm (not hot) place.

10. Each day you have to make your observations, write it down and take a photo of your experiment. Do not forget your control.

11. Keep this up for a week.

12. You are now ready to write your conclusion, remember to give the reasons for what has happened to your slices of bread. Include your control in your conclusion. Your control shows what happens when you do not do anything, this id how you can draw the correct conclusion about what has happened to your other slices of bread.

* Do you know why the toast had to cool down completely before you placed it in the plastic bag?

* Is there only one reason for what happened to the toast or are there more than one?

* Why did you have to place your control on a piece of kitchen towel?

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