Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Make an Apple Turkey

All kids love doing fun and easy beginners crafts. With the holidays coming, turkeys will become popular crafts again. You can make this fun Apple Turkey or you can have a look at making Pine Cone Turkey Crafts that is part of our Crafts Using Pine Cones

It is also true that children love to help in the kitchen, but parents often think they’re in the way. They also love to do crafts. Here’s one way for your child to help make a treat for Thanksgiving and be crafty at the same time. Teach them how to make an apple turkey.

Apple turkeys are a fun craft which can be eaten. Each child will need the following items to create one turkey. You may also want to have enough of the items to create one turkey for each person who will be attending the Thanksgiving meal.

  • One large red delicious apple for each turkey to be made
  • Ten toothpicks for each turkey
  • Gum drops, small colored marshmallows or raisins to create feathers
  • One large marshmallow for the head
  • Two chocolate chips per turkey for the eyes
  • One piece of candy corn for the beak
  • One small piece of red shoelace licorice for the wattle

Before your children begin making their apple turkeys, be sure the apples are washed and allowed to dry completely. Start by giving the children the items they’ll need to create their turkeys or have quantities of each item in a bowl the children can use. They can construct their turkey on a paper plate or directly on the table.

Place each apple on its side, pointing the smaller end to the child’s right. Hold the apple down and have the child place five toothpicks into the smaller end in the shape of a fan to create the feathers. To complete the feathers, ask your child to carefully push a couple of gum drops, marshmallows or raisins onto the toothpicks to look like feathers.

Carefully push another toothpick into the fat end of the apple. This will be where your child will push a large marshmallow onto the toothpick for the head. With safety scissors they can cut two small slits into the marshmallow for the eyes, one for the beak and a very small snip for the wattle.

Ask the child to push the candy into the places the marshmallow was snipped. The chocolate chips should be placed pointed end first into the area prepared for them. Push a piece of candy corn with the pointy end facing out into the marshmallow for the beak. Finally, using a small piece of red licorice, push it into the hole at the bottom for the wattle.

Turn the turkey over so the child can push four more toothpicks into the apple. These will be placed in such a way the turkey will be able to stand on its own. Rather than merely using these apple turkeys as a snack, why not create a name card and place it against the feathers so everyone will know where they’re to sit?

Your child will love making these edible crafts. Once they learn how to make an apple turkey they may decide that having them at Thanksgiving isn’t often enough. And why shouldn’t they want to make them all year long? They’re fun to make and even more fun to eat.

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