Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Complete Book of Decorative Knots

Knots are used all the time. Some we use for practical purposes and some for their decorative qualities. Even in macramé, such as macramé beaded jewelry, we make use of knots. So, getting to know them can really be fun.

The book “The Complete Book of Decorative Knots” is a fantastic collection of more than eighty different knots. Knots have a useful and practical purpose, but they can also be very decorative. This book shows you step-by-step, together with photographs, how to accomplish each and every one of the 80-plus knots. They vary in difficulty, from the very basic knots to the more tricky, but stunning looking, knots.

The book is divided into different chapters with each chapter focusing on a different type of knot and their uses, from button and globe knots, lanyard knots, Turk’s Heads, Mats and Hitching to Plaits and Braids. In addition, the book also explains the various tools that can be used to help you master the many knots. You learn about fids and prickers, splicing needles, netting needles and pliers and how to use them. The terms associated with knotting are also explained in great detail.

Overall, if you enjoy tying knots, whether for practical use or to finish off some textiles, I find this book very appealing. It comes with useful historical information about each knot and how it was and can still be used. Knot tying is also a great way of passing time while sitting in an airplane or on a long road trip.

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