Monday, May 31, 2010

What Are The Characteristics Of Fad Diet Plans?

With summer vacation coming and all that revealing beach wear coming to mind, many are trying to shed a few pounds very fast. It is in a time such as this that many of us fall for one of the Fad Diet Plans.

To prevent this it is a very good idea to know the characteristics of fad diet plans. Keep in mind that there are many dangers associated with fad diet plans and that the few pounds you can lose in a very short time is going to cost you dearly in the long run!

Characteristics of fad diet plans:
  • You are only allowed to eat very few calories per day
  • You are not allowed to do any exercise while you are on the diet
  • You have to eat mainly one kind of food for the duration of the diet
  • You are only allowed to stay on the diet for a very limited amount of time
  • You will always see the promise of very unrealistic weight loss that is possible according to the propaganda for the diet

So, if you notice the above points in a diet that you read about or a diet a friend tells you about, you can be pretty sure it is one of the many Fad Diet Plans and that you should steer clear of it.

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